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I’m going to tell you what I did, where I stayed (sometimes where I WISH I’d stayed), where my food was amazing and which experiences I think you shouldn’t miss.  Can you navigate getting to the Maeklong Railway Market in Thailand on your own?  Of course you can.  However, if you’re not there at exactly the right moment, you’ll miss the shops folding up and a train passing within 6 inches of your toesies…..that’s kinda the whole thing.  I’m just saying, I know a guy who can navigate it in his sleep – let him.

my story –

See me waving for the camera above? That’s literally the last time I sat willingly for a vacation photo.  But, I offer it as proof that I’m a born traveler – been doing it since longer than I can remember.

meet the team….it’s just ann –

After years of answering friends’ questions about destinations and itineraries, I discovered I have a real passion for this.  I curate my own listings of favorite spots and I’d like to share them.  Getting feedback on whether my suggestions were helpful is HUGELY important to me.

ann hegarty

I took my first luxury cruise at the age of 2 (see Exhibit A above) when my family moved from Hawaii to the mainland.  Even then, I tacked on a side trip to Disneyland, so this seems to come naturally to me.  I got to Texas as quickly as I could.  We went from Honolulu to Texas via Missouri, which really just contributed to the urgency.  I’ve been in Austin, Texas since it was a sleepy little college town.  Boy Howdy has it grown up!  After getting a degree in Literature from UT, I thought I’d become a jeweler gemologist (’cause….23-yr-old logic, y’know).  But, Clinical Research reared its sexy little head and I’ve been doing that ever since.  Long story short, it’s afforded me the opportunity to be a pioneer in the field of home-officing (since dial-up days) and I’ve been traveling as part of my job for a quarter century.  I have literally nothing to complain about – it’s all good.  I have a grown son who’s a right-brainer and a semi-grown husband who’s a left-brainer.  I’m somewhere in the middle.


Comments and suggestions are welcomed.  Interest in a place that I haven’t blogged about yet?  Please let me know. contact ann