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I'm not saying I'm picky, but if I liked an experience, chances are you will, too.  Here's a short list of where I've been lately - I'll tell you what I did & learned in each. (oh, and tons of PICS):

  • London
  • Paris
  • Brussles, Bruges, Antwerp
  • Bangalore
  • Amsterdam
  • Singapore
  • Bangkok
  • Las Vegas
  • New York City
  • Hollywood


travel without leaving home

Have I mentioned that I'm a founding supporter and charter member of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures?  Oh....and, I went to the Oscars this year.  You could say I'm KINDA crazy about movies....

Whether you're anticipating a trip, or wanting to relive what you've just seen and loved, movies can take you there.  I have a LOT of recommendations.

tools & tips

The right itinerary allows you to NOT THINK the whole time you're gone - because you did all that back home.  This leaves your brain open to just relaxing and enjoying while unplugging.

I can help (boy, can I help...I overwhelm some people...)  Nonetheless - I'll also share tips, tools and resources that help a LOT.

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I'm Ann and I'm going to give you travel tools and tips while sharing the experiences I've gathered.  I've had the good (GREAT) fortune to travel as part of my job for the last 25 years.  In this time, I've seen a lot of business travelers nearly kill themselves getting from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible.  I'm not opposed to the occasional red-eye, but even business travel can be mutually beneficial for everyone involved.

Consider the benefits of frequent travel.  The more you fly, the more you get loyalty points - it's the same with hotels.  Whether you get to board early, use the lounge with free snacks, or even keep your miles/nights and cash-in on the odd freebie, travel is still ALWAYS an adventure.  Maybe your work gets you halfway around the world and you just pay for the add-on excursions.  It's all doable if you PLAN it.

The more you see, the more you WANT to see.  I haven't met people who felt like they were worse off by a change of scenery.  Even getting stuck places (in time) can become a funny "remember that time in (fill in the location)" story.

I hope to inspire you to say YES to a new adventure by showing you how easy and accessible it can be.  It's just a matter of a little planning - and, I've already done some of that for you.


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